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Circle Volunteer: General Requirements for Approval

  1. The following factors will be considered by the SOTMP team when determining whether a potential support person will be approved:
  • Is not currently under the jurisdiction of any court or criminal justice agency for a matter that the team determines could impact his/her capacity to safely serve as an approved support person;
  • Has no prior convictions. If ever accused of interpersonally violent behavior, unlawful sexual behavior, or child abuse, presents information requested by the team so that the team may assess current impact on his/her capacity to serve as an approved support person;
  • Does not participate in criminal activities;
  • Has agreed to undergo a criminal history background check utilizing NCIC/CCIC and other court and criminal justice records;
  • Has no significant cognitive or intellectual impairment;
  • Has no substance abuse or significant mental health problems;
  • Has no significant health limitation that interferes with the ability to support the offender;
  • Has adequately resolved any issues regarding personal history of victimization;
  • Has no history of the sex offender perpetrating domestic violence or any other form of victimization against him/her;
  • Has not perpetrated domestic violence or any other form of victimization against the offender;
  • Is not hostile toward systems designed to intervene;
  • Is willing to maintain open communication with the treatment providers and parole officers and report offender behavior;
  • Is willing to maintain the goal of “no more victims” and community safety;
  • Does not participate in victim blaming;
  • Is 21 years old or older.
  1. Additional factors that will be considered include, but are not limited to: participation in the support education program, ability to support the offender’s change efforts, ability to acknowledge the seriousness of the offending behavior, ability to hold the offender accountable as described in number 2, ability to support the treatment and supervision rules and requirements, and positive participation in the therapist facilitated disclosure meeting to receive and review the offender’s risk management plan.
  1. An approved support person will not support more than one offender with a sex offense at a time unless approved by the SOTMP administrator.